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The Best Weapon of Democracy: Creative Commons and the Common Good from Niels Bohr through the Fake News

This presentation places the beginning of the open access paradigm in scientific enquiry with Niels Bohr’s recommendation to share nuclear technology with Russia during the denouement of WWII, and follows its development through present challenges in strategic, military, and political applications of science.  If a thing can be known, someone will come to know it, and during WWII the only hope was that those on the “right” side of history would get there first. Bohr, however, noted that the Nazis believed they were “right,” too, and argued that only intersubjectivity could regulate these dangerous monopolies on what is presumed “good,” as well as prevent divisions of labor and knowledge among those without the monopoly, which not only prevented unauthorized use, but ethical consideration, of the deadly whole of their work.  Today the Open Access movement, whether with respect to biomedical, environmental, or military research, is Open in order to close those same divides.

Thursday, October 26, 2017
11:00am - 12:00pm
E260A, E260B
Norlin Library
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Emily Fidelman
Melissa Cantrell